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CraftBeerCon 2024

We can't wait to meet you in Atlanta (or online) for CraftBeerCon 2024: June 19 - 22. Get ready for four days of community, conversation and craft beer!

Become a Sponsor

Your financial or In-Kind contribution will help us to further our mission to make beer an inclusive space that is truly welcoming to all. We welcome support at any level.

Submit a Panel Idea - Deadline: March 15, 2024

Crafted for Action is for the full spectrum of craft beer lovers. We welcome proposals for panel discussions, demonstrations, or interactive sessions tackling a variety of topics and interests. 

Become a Crafted Fellow - Deadline: March 22, 2024

Apply to attend the 2024 conference for FREE as a Crafted Fellow! This one-of-a-kind annual program offers selected BIPOC beverage industry entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to connect with and learn from one another during the annual conference and beyond. 

Become a Volunteer - Deadline: May 1, 2024

We need you! Volunteers are needed to help run the online/virtual conference and to execute the in person experience in Atlanta from June 19 - 23. Sign up to join the team! 

coming soon!
coming soon!

Where to Stay

Atlantucky Brewing (located at 170 Northside Drive, SW) will be the homebase for the conference. Here's a list of lodging ideas including my favorite Airbnb picks:

Hotels within a 10 Min Walk

Hotels within a 20 Min Walk

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