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Change Requires Action.

The American craft beer scene lacks diversity. And at a time when finding common ground is more important than ever, craft beer can represent community and support for small businesses, while celebrating individuality. 

Crafted for Action was founded by Jen Price in 2020 after closing her beer business. At the same time, the beer industry was forced to take an introspective look and seriously consider ways to address issues of systemic racism, sexism, and gender inequalities. Jen leveraged this momentum and launched Crafted for Action and its signature event - an annual craft beer conference


The Crafted for Action Craft Beer Conference is a hybrid, action oriented conference where robust discussions can occur and ideas can be developed into real solutions for lasting change in the beer community. 

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Jen Price, Founder

Jen’s appreciation for beer grew from experiencing it with her Dad. From first sip, she was hooked. She is a beer educator, a Cicerone Certified Beer Server and author of “The Chick’s Guide to Beer: 7 Simple Rules for the Beer Novice.”  Her mission has always been to create opportunities for genuine connection in spaces that feel safe, open, and secure for all who love and appreciate beer. Jen is also co-founder of Craft Women Connect, an organization created to educate, empower, and promote unity among beer professionals and women within the craft beer community. 

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